Monday, 20/04/2015
Entrée: Parma ham with melon
Main course: Pork tenderloin with vegetables and gratin dauphinois

Tuesday, 21/04/2015
Entrée: Beef carpaccio Italian style
Main course: Roast chicken with ginger and small fresh salad

Wednesday, 22/04/2015    € 22.00
Entrée: Smoked salmon with garnish
Main course: Grilled salmon with Béarnaise sauce and potato puree

Thursday, 23/04/2015        € 22.00
Entrée: A small Caprese salad
Main course: Irish entrecôte with a Béarnaise sauce, salad and French fries

Friday, 24/04/2015        € 22.00
Entrée: 3 oysters
Main course: Small sole with a salad and French fries

On Saturday, there is also an afternoon lunch with small sole fish.

“Small sole fish” for lunch every Friday and Saturday.