Have a look at our “Communion menus”. We take care of your celebration in a mode appropriate for your occasion.


Menus specially composed for Communion celebrations or ask for our party folder

Menu 1

Tomato soup (with or without meat balls)
Asparagus cream soup with chervil
Agnes Sorel soup
Asparagus with marinated salmon and chive cream
Asparagus Flemish-style (with smoked salmon crumble)
Vol-au-vent pasties of Mechelen cuckoo and mousseline
Pork tenderloin filled with duxelles, spring vegetables, rich gravy, croquettes
Guinea fowl, fine ratatouille, shallot sauce, croquettes
Ice cream lamb or sponge cake, and fresh fruit coulis

Price per person:    € 50.00
Price per person € 25.00 with aperitif, wines, water and coffee

Menu 2

Cauliflower soup with shrimps
Vichy cream soup with smoked halibut
Asparagus cream soup
Megrim strips with fried asparagus and white butter sauce
Grilled bass, young spinach with mushrooms, shrimp gravy
Tenderloin with julienne of celery in its juice, potato dumplings
Pink fried duck, orange sauce, almond croquettes or with spring vegetables
Ice cream lamb or sponge cake with garnish
Nougat ice cream with caramel cream and fresh fruit

Price per person    € 55.00
Price per person € 25.00 with aperitif, wines, water and coffee

Menu 3

Poultry Consommé
Oxtail soup with sherry
Lobster bisque
Stew of sole, shrimp and asparagus
Pigeon of Anjou, grilled asparagus, red wine gravy
Asparagus with salmon and Béarnaise sauce
Veal fillet, spring vegetables, Trappist gravy, potatoes cooked in goose fat
Poached sole fillets, white sauce with diced tomatoes, shallots and North Sea shrimp
Ice cream lamb or sponge cake with fresh fruit coulis
Dessert plate

Price per person    € 65.00
Price per person € 25.00 with aperitif, wines, water and coffee

The reception time and the drinks and snacks can be extended.
In good weather, the guests can enjoy the terrace.
The menu and name cards can be printed at basic costs.
Music can also be provided.

Easter menu: 4th, 5th and 6th of April, 2015 from 12.00 am in the reception room

Glass of house champagne accompanied by a tower of spicy paste, crab, salmon, Granny Smith and mild curry mayonnaise

Consommé of suckling calf and asparagus foam

Brill, couscous with asparagus, courgette and tomberries, white butter sauce

Main course
Fine textured, young lamb with cauliflower, Affila cress and potato gratin with Pecorino cheese
Southern style Veal escalope with fregola sarda and fine beans

Easter Sunday best dessert

All-in menu with aperitif, wines and coffee    € 75.00 per person
With aperitif, selected wines and coffee    € 85.00 per person
Menu without appetizer and without champagne    € 55.00 per person
Please make your reservation in time, call this number +32 (0)2 270 0627

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